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The manufacture of these products involves much more than just a technical process, Our team will help you with your creativity to the highest technical standards, The artistic and professional finishing of your own design and graphics ideas, and realising the many unusual and interesting ways of packing your product. Our team will always help to answer your questions. PREMASTERING: Your master (ie. DAT) a CD Premaster is produced. At this step in the process the succession and interval of each track on the CD is firmly laid down. The track's end is threaded for noise elimination and the pause is set at Zero to diminish noise. Each title is provided with a START Code (PQ Code) and at the end of the last track a Stop signal is set to indicate to the CD Player that the tracks terminate at this point. Additionally, the Premaster allows pertinent data regarding the number of tracks and CD playing time to be written into the Disc (PQ-Bulk) which enables any CD player to recognize and display this information. Our team is trained to do all this work for you, from the simplest installation of PQ Data over a Classical music cut, to the most complex editing and revision of your material. We achieve optimum results for your product. Also we are well able to integrate Music, Data, and Video for a complete Multimedia CD product. CD MASTERIVG The next step is the production of the CD Glasmasters. During this process the glass plates are developed optogalvanically for the production of the final stamper. The costs for Pre- and Glassmaster production will be charged once (per order) and only with the first pressing. If you order more than 2000 CD's then the Glassmaster is free even with the first pressing. We use a highly developed, modern Front End system for mastering which makes it possible to use all different input formats, for all the popular and common CD formats. The high efficiency of state of the art injection moulding equipment and associated technology, combined with our experience, flexible fine tuning between CD master and replica (copy) guarantees the highest standards of quality for your product CD-REPLICATION: The actual manufacture of the Compact Disc now takes place. From the completed stamper any number of CDs can be manufactured. The Polycarbonat injection "embosses" the information onto the disc. In principle the disc can already be played


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